Red White and the Blues?

Red White and the Blues?

By Abe Lerner

Coping With July 4th Fireworks That Wreak Havoc on Pets

It is July 4th weekend, summer is in full swing, and excitement is in the air, as families flock in droves to attend the local fireworks shows. What can be better than viewing the spectacular displays of shooting lights illuminating a pristine natural backdrop, commemorating the birth of our nation? Actually, things couldn’t be worse for a number of our four-legged family members. For many pets, fireworks are frightening and trigger stress reactions.

Many animal health facilities see a significant rise in emergency visits during the holiday weekend. Loud noises emanating from exploding fireworks can cause dogs to jump fences or burrow out of yards. Some startled pets have even jumped through glass windows and door screens. Additionally, the week following the July 4th holiday, is generally the busiest for animal shelters housing stray animals. The number of shell-shocked pets arriving at their doors is staggering.

As reactions vary from pet to pet, there is no telling just how and when a pet will react to the “bombs bursting in air.” Some pets may be more susceptible to panic attacks at an older age; weathering the storm during their youth is not indicative of what may develop in the future.

How then can pet parents maintain a balance of enjoying the festivities while simultaneously addressing the needs of their pets? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Pending consultation with a veterinarian, administering a mild sedative may be effective.
  2. Do not take your pet outdoors during the fireworks display. Animals should remain in “the home of the brave.”
  3. If it is indeed necessary for the pet to go outdoors, extra precautions should be taken. Use a leash at all times and ensure that all microchip and identification information are up to date.
  4. Do not leave your pet alone for extended periods of time. Company of loved ones can have a calming and soothing effect.
  5. In an effort to drown out the loud explosions, turn up the volume on a TV show or music recording. It may soften the blow.

Small steps that can perhaps make the holiday more enjoyable for the entire family…Wishing everybody and their pets a Happy 4th!

Abe Lerner is a member of the pack at NutralifePet, a division of Nutralife Health Products, Inc., which has been selling high quality dietary supplements since 1996. NutralifePet, the manufacturer of Ultra Joint & Liver Support with SAM-e for dogs and cats, caters to the individual needs of each pet. NutralifePet…caring about animals, one pet at a time…






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