(In)sure Enough

(In)sure Enough

By Abe Lerner

Pet Insurance in the Spotlight

Daisy broke her leg scampering down the steps. Rondo has a tumor. Lulu tore her knee ligament. All three are pets with serious health conditions. Treatment is costly. Pet parents would like to provide their pets with the best medical care possible. But at what price? In their hearts, any price. Practically though, many pet parents simply can’t afford to pay out of pocket for these procedures. With some advanced planning however, people can put themselves in a better position to have their pets treated.

Purchasing pet insurance enables pet parents to be prepared for serious health issues. It provides peace of mind in an emergency, knowing that your pet’s medical bills will be covered. It does however have its detractors. Some feel that the benefits paid out by the pet insurance companies don’t justify the annual premiums. Their analysis has yielded, that over the course of a pet’s lifetime under “normal” circumstances, premiums paid by pet parents far outweigh the benefits paid out by insurers. Since a pet’s lifespan is limited, they contend that money invested in a health insurance plan is an unnecessary expense. Essentially, a shorter life equals fewer problems.

Let’s take a step back and review the options. A sudden serious health diagnosis for a pet can either be addressed (and perhaps successfully treated) or it can be neglected due to an inability to pay the fee for the required corrective procedure. When disregarded, one of two things will happen. The pet will either suffer by living in pain, and eventually be euthanized or it may be put down immediately.

When pet parents bring a pet into their homes, a new family member is entering their lives. The nature of parents is to provide for their children’s needs. One would think that the guidelines of pet parenthood should not be defined by the difficulty of the pet’s health condition, shirking responsibilities when it’s too costly. Would you abandon your ill child? Absolutely not. Your child would receive medical attention, by hook or by crook. You’d make sure of it. It’s your child. Shouldn’t your pet be treated equally? Do you want your pet to live in pain or to be put down unnecessarily?

A sudden pet illness can be overwhelming. It is normal to be scared and confused. Preparing yourself with pet insurance alleviates the fright and confusion. Any medical condition can be addressed-because your pet is covered by insurance. No need to worry. No need to panic. Your pet is covered. It’ll receive the appropriate attention that it deserves.

As to the argument that under “normal” circumstances premiums far outweigh paid out benefits-isn’t that the case with all forms of insurance? Health insurance and auto insurance also entail a “risk vs. reward” payment plan. Everyone hopes not to have to utilize their insurance benefits, as we all desire to remain healthy or never to get involved in a car accident. But we hope for the best and plan for the worst. We equip ourselves in the case of an emergency, although ideally we’d prefer not to get sick or to collide with another vehicle in the first place. That is the essence of buying an insurance policy. Additionally, as the senior pet community continues to grow, and pet life expectancy increases, the chances of contracting a disease escalate as well. It is more likely that your pet will utilize the benefits over the course of a longer lifetime. And if he doesn’t, consider yourself lucky! You have a healthy pet!

In conclusion, as your beloved family member, it would be prudent to take out an insurance policy to cover your pet! You can never insure enough…

Abe Lerner is a member of the pack at NutralifePet, a division of Nutralife Health Products, Inc., which has been selling high quality dietary supplements since 1996. NutralifePet, the manufacturer of Ultra Joint & Liver Support with SAM-e for dogs and cats, caters to the individual needs of each pet. NutralifePet…caring about animals, one pet at a time…

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