Go Dog Go!

  Go Dog Go!

By Abe Lerner


Reflecting on NutralifePet’s Inaugural Video Contest

Why such a ho-hum title? Our blogs titles generally have a little more pawzazz to them, but did you ever try juxtaposing five dogs named Holly, Alaska, Beemo, Nico, and Bella? Our Go Dog Go Video Contest generated three winning videos of five dogs performing their best shtick, earning them prizes of a $2000.00 Amazon.com gift card, a GoPro Camera, and a $200.00 Petco gift card respectively. Although we were contest administrators, we had no control whatsoever over the incoming contestant’s names!

Try and Google all five names together to yield a common denominator and what emerges may be a company in Holly, Alaska selling napkins! So, we were very intrigued and started to brainstorm for a catchy title. Well, Alaska is the female version of the Holly bush. Nico and Bella is the name of a brand of shoes. Beemo is a fictional cartoon character, whose appearance is similar to that of an electrical outlet. Hmmm…We have a bush, a shoe, and an outlet. Two possibilities came to mind: Bush Puppy Shoe Outlet and Nunn Bush Shoe Outlet.  Very nice if we were promoting shoe sales, but for our readership in the pet arena, it just didn’t cut it…so we resorted to a pedestrian Go Dog Go! headline.

Our inaugural contest was launched with one goal in mind: to feature family oriented happiness. We requested that people share with our audience their dog’s best moves. An agile pet “on stage”, taking cues from his owner while scampering around, perfectly displays harmonious family interaction. A dog running around while his owner is engaged in video production of his tricks, brings the family together. A happy pet makes a happy pet parent as well! It’s simply a lot of fun!

And indeed fun was had by all, as evident from the submitted videos. From Holly and Alaska darting in and out of an obstacle course, to Beemo seemingly being assisted by an entire village, to Nico and Bella driving on the highway, the incoming videos were showcases for family entertainment. Our panel here at NutralifePet, had a blast reviewing them as well.

Not all dogs though are able to run around with such reckless abandon. Sadly, many pets are aging or are overweight, taking a heavy toll on their joints, affecting their mobility. As the number of obese pets skyrockets and the senior population rapidly grows, many dogs and cats are being left behind in the rearview mirror, as their younger and slimmer counterparts “move” forward. Aside from the pet’s discomfort and sadness with respect to its limitations, pet parents are relegated to suffering along with their struggling pets.

There is help though for these pets, in the form of SAMe. SAMe (S-Adenosyl-Methionine) is a naturally occurring compound present in all living beings, which contributes to joint and liver health through multiple chemical processes. However, when the body produces insufficient levels of SAMe, supplementation may provide a boost, restoring the body back to healthy form. Research has shown that replenished levels of SAMe, can promote joint and liver support. SAMe offers quality of life, to pet and pet owner alike.

NutralifePet is a division of Nutralife Health Products, Inc., which was founded in 1996.  In 1998, Nutralife introduced SAMe – a highly successful supplement for joints, liver, and even mood – to the US market.  Upon recommendation from veterinarians, many satisfied Nutralife customers gave SAMe to their pets and saw similar, positive results.  Recognizing the unique requirements of pet companions, NutralifePet was born. The compact sizing of Ultra Joint & Liver Support tablets is ideal for pet usage, enabling their smaller mouths to swallow the supplements. Each packet contains 30 enteric-coated tablets, optimizing their effect when dissolving in the pet’s body. The tablets are blister-packed to maximize freshness. NutralifePet maintains a high caliber of quality manufacturing, earning it the NASC Seal of Quality – the gold standard in the industry.

NutralifePet Ultra Joint & Liver Support with SAMe promotes liver health and joint mobility in both cats and dogs and is available in 50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg, and 400 mg tablets. The wide selection of tablet dosages makes it easy to accurately administer the appropriate doses for small, medium, and large pets. Any combination of tablets can be used to achieve the most precise dose for your pet, as outlined in the directions for use chart on the box.

For more information and to purchase, please visit us at www.nutralifepet.com. 

Abe Lerner is a member of the pack at NutralifePet, a division of Nutralife Health Products, Inc., which has been selling high quality dietary supplements since 1996. NutralifePet, the manufacturer of Ultra Joint & Liver Support with SAM-e for dogs and cats, caters to the individual needs of each pet. NutralifePet…caring about animals, one pet at a time…


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